“One for you, two for me” Stanislav Dobák, Peter Šavel (Sk, Be)

Music: Howard Shore, The Lord of the Rings – The white rider

This piece was created for the HybajHo festival in Prague and premiered there in october 2009.

The starting point was the question: „How can the two of us, knowing each other so well, challenge each others performance?“ During the proces the relationship to the public was added as the third partner of the performance. The piece is focusing on a shift between materials and attention to them and to these three „partners“, through which images and connotations are created and so one is invited to undergo a journey of imagination.

How can we interconnect our ideas? Where is the border between agreement and disagreement? We try to translate our questions into the physical level, which is the main focus of our creative work. A constant shift between
“Personal things are personal, so don’t ask us anything personal, because we don’t take it personal.”